Today’s Facebook Update:

Greetings to all who are attending the 2013 annual APA convention in Hawaii next week! I am very proud to announce and promote an exciting display of technology that I have put together for the convention. At each of the Division 46 symposia you will find a poster featuring a tropical retro feel and a picture of a television. These posters contain augmented reality content! Simply download the Aurasma augmented reality application from the Apple App Store or through the Android Marketplace and follow the instructions on the poster to make the content of the poster come to life right on your tablet or phone! You can log into the Division 46 Listserv right now and try out a test poster in advance.

In addition to the cool posters around the convention I will be hosting a technology demonstration and interaction hour during the Division 46 Social Hour in the hospitality suite. I will be showing off some very cool and fun augmented reality technology as well as the very promising PhobiAR, an augmented reality program designed for exposure therapy. So come and check out all of the exciting technology that I hope will help push our division to the forefront of attention at this year’s convention!! – Shane Pase


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