Today’s Facebook Update:

The recent Harris study confirms that binge viewing is the new norm. They found that 62% of people watch episode after episode, right after each other.

What we know about binge viewing:
•62% of viewers have participated in binge viewing (watching multiple episodes of a TV show in one sitting)
•Most binge viewers are 18-39 years old
•Households with children under 18 are more likely to be a binging family
•50% of viewers are binging on old shows and 40% of viewers binging on current seasons
•Women binge because they want to find out what happens next while men binge based on what mood their in
•Binge viewers binge using the TV more than on their computer or devices

What binge viewing & the Harris Interactive study means for the future of storytelling:
1.Binge viewing is the future of episodic storytelling. Since it is clear that 18-39 year old audience and households with children 18 and younger are the biggest binge viewers, then the audience of the future are binge viewers.
2.The more content creators provide current programming via binge modes (e.g. demand services or subscription based), the happier audiences will be. It’s a win–win for content creators and audiences. Right Netflix?
3.Audiences still like to consume stories on the big screen (at least their TV screen). Therefore, the desire for quality in storytelling is still a priority.
4.All new distribution models should allow for audiences to choose when, what and how much content they consume. The more choices, the better.
5.Creating good story invites audiences in to invest their time in being transported. – Ken


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