ImpactSpace: Coming in late 2014

What patterns and insights can be drawn from the rich universe of information surrounding social issue media? HI’s ImpactSpace web application is an interactive platform for exploring the social impact of films through a multidimensional analysis toolkit. Most impact measurement and evaluation focuses on one film at a time, and in isolation. ImpactSpace considers context, and clusters multiple films around a given social issue to create new standards for systemic analysis. The app will ground impact data in social science theory, giving filmmakers, funders, researchers, and advocates a scalable tool for understanding the complex media landscape. – KSH


Opinions mixed about condition called internet gaming disorder

Is “Internet Gaming Disorder” a thing? – jlw

WATCH: Be suspicious of simple stories

“Every time you tell yourself a good vs evil story, you’re basically lowering your IQ.” – jlw

What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About Facebook’s “Creepy” Study

Media Psych Karen Shackleford interviewed about Facebook’s “creepy” study. – jw

Media Effects: Television Violence, via Christine Twiford


Facebook responds to criticism of its experiment on users

Questions arising as to the ethics of the Facebook experiment. – jlw

Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks

“These results indicate that emotions expressed by others on Facebook influence our own emotions.” – boom. -jlw


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